Zermatt TL3 Action


$1250 Short Action / $1350 Long Action

All actions must be picked up on location or shipped to a Federal Firearm License (FFL) Holder. Must pass background check to take possession.

For the tactical operator looking for a tac driver and magazine feed perfection.
The TL3 action is typically available in 8-10 weeks.

Hand Right, Left
Ejection Port Right, Left
Size Short, Long
Bolt Knob Tactical, Spiral, Diamond, Helical Diamond, Teardrop
Bolt Head .223 (.380″), Standard (.478″), Magnum (.535″), Valkyrie/PPC (specify caliber in notes)
Mag Cut Single Shot, Single Shot Extended (.110″ longer bolt stroke), AICS (Long actions accept CIP), AW (SA Only)
Tang Trim Tang, Medium Tang, Thick Tang
Rail MOA 0 MOA, 20 MOA, 30 MOA
Finish DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon, Black Finish), Standard (Blasted Stainless Steel Finish)
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The TL3 action is typically available in 8-10 weeks and full price is $1250 for short actions and $1350 for long actions.

The TL3 is Bighorn Arms’ flagship product. This action is machined from pre-hardened 416 stainless steel. Features include an integrated recoil lug, Savage small shank thread tenon, floating and interchangeable bolt head, controlled round feed, spiral fluted bolt, mechanical ejector and bayonet style firing pin assembly.

The TL3 has options for AICS, AW, single shot and single shot extended magazine wells. AICS magazine wells will accept all AICS pattern magazines and COAL’s of 2.980″. AW magazine wells will accept AW magazines as well as AICS pattern magazines. Running AICS pattern magazines in an AW cut receiver does present a greater potential for feeding issues. Upward pressure on AICS magazines can create a bind on the bolt that does not allow the bolt to be pushed forward. Single shot receivers are standard length and single shot extended receivers have a stroke that is .100″ longer than standard length.

Available tang options are trim, medium and thick. Trim is the closest to standard Remington 700 actions while medium is the same footprint just slightly thicker at the rear. Thick tangs typically require some custom inletting in stocks but can be more aesthetically pleasing in some chassis. If you have any concerns with which tang will work, follow the general rule that trim is the most versatile option.

TL3’s are currently the only actions with an option for a 0 or 30 MOA rail. All other actions are standard with 20 MOA rails.


Zermatt Arms

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